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                                      Benign Prostate Hypertrophy Occurs in men after the age of forty                          Prostate        

Du to change in level of dehydrated testosterones. The increase thus causing enlargement

Of the gland. The gland size increases which puts pressure on the urethra which results in painful and weak stream of urine. As the bladder does not empty properly therefore it can lead to frequency and urgency of passing urine. Moreover, the urine stays longer in the bladder which can cause stagnation and infection leading to burning while passing urine and urge to urinate more often. Some men can pick-up infection while going with dirty women who suffer from various sexual diseases. They can have serious infection as well as enlargement of the prostate. It is important therefore to clear the infection with antibiotics followed- up with appropriate herbs to treat the recurrent infection.

In orthodox medicine various type of operations are available to reduce the size of the gland followed by long-term use of drugs like Proscar. The size of the gland normally keeps growing even after operation every 3-4 years and one may need further operation. To avoid repeated surgery there are alternative herbal and homeopathy remedies available which help keep the gland size in control and make life easy without routine operations and hard drugs which have many side effects. The first and foremost thing to do is to change the lifestyle. It is advised to stop using alcohol, leave smoking alone, drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid hot spices and do regular exercise to keep weight under control.