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6 Whinbrook Crescnt, Leeds LS17 5PN

West Yorkshire -UK

Tel: +44 113 2260752, email: harithandi6@gmail.com



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Company was set-up by Mr H.Thandi as an accountancy practice in 1976 with trading name as Appollo 76 Business Services

to provide comprehensive business services under one roof to first generation immigrants who were keen to start small business

although had problem with the English language. Having run successful business for 12 years, a subsidiary company was started

under the trading name of Thandi & Co. Company services covered accountancy, business  transfer agents and all type of insurance.

During 2005 majority work was transferred to Thandi & Co and the business was sold to A.Iqbal & Co who took over lease of the office at

62 Harehills Lane Leeds 8. Mr Thandi had semi -retirement at the age of 70.

He maintained a small portfolio of clients and looked after their business interest from his earlier office at 6 Whinbrook Crescent Leeds 17.

He started online Herbal diploma course with Oxford College UK and passed it in grade A at the end of the same year. During 2013 he

started online course Of writing for Radio and TV with BSY college UK and passed with High merits. At the age of 84 he started online

 Homeopathy diploma course with BSY College UK. He passed diploma in homeopathy with distinction and has become registered member of

the Association of Holistic and complementary practitioners (AHCP) in April 2016.

  During 2013, he has written a Novel, Guns of Shivalik and in 2014 he has written a small book for children   Horses of the

  British Raj. Recently, he has written a unique book A-Z(small business guide). One can find details of these books on the next page and an

 option to buy these books from the amazon website. He was unfortunate to lose his good wife who died with ovarian cancer at the age

 of 52 due to her GPs inability to diagnose the disease in time. It was her untimely death that inspired him to learn basic medicine.

He has been reading herbal and Homeopathy books at home for the last 10 years and has helped to cure some of his friends and relatives

 successfully through his God given gift of knowledge. He believes that We need all medical sciences to lead a healthy life although he has found that

 many Allopathy drugs have too many side effects as opposed to the alternative medicines which if prescribed with due attention and care

would bring relief without any side effects.