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                                                                           A-Z(small business guide) is written by Hari Thandi ACPA having run accountancy practice for 30 years  in Leeds. It is a useful guide for an entrepreneur, trainee Accountant, Solicitor & student.

It covers, preparation of business accounts, purchase & sales procedures of business, administration of business,

tax case investigation solutions, tax saving hints, pension plan, Double taxation relief etc.

It is available direct for 6.95 + postage

Guns of Shivalik: a real life story of a postman in Punjab whose lust for women ended up with ruin of his family

 as he shot his son on a hunting trip on the Shivalik Hills. This novel is not only an interesting read it is

 good for libido (sexual desire) in a couple - Price : 5.95 + postage

Horses of the British Raj: A small book for children full of history and knowledge about horses and the interest of the

Royal family in horses. The book received commendation from HER ROYAL Highness Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.   Price 4.95 + postage

Buy direct from Mr Thandi for the above fixed price plus postage.

Tel: 0113 2260752