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Another epidemic, hospitals are full of patients with mental and emotional illness. I do not go round in circles like many websites saying same thing

over and over again to attract  the customers to buy their products. My aim is to serve the community with economical and sympathetic provision of medicine and advice.


Many patients do not know as to why the depression is caused therefore it is important to give brief description:

The root cause is Anxiety, Worry about loved ones, Bad relationship with one’s partner or another relation and something unfortunate happening in the family. One may get involved in alcohol and drugs

Under such circumstances which can complicate the problem.

Chronic depression may lead to insomnia or some type of phobia. Some patients may feel that life is not worth living. Depression can be caused by violent behaviour of parents, teachers or even class mates.




Sadness, hysterical, agitation,  sleeplessness, exhaustion, fear of illness and of death, unable to cope with life and weight loss etc.




   In Allopathy Doctors provide tranquilisers and meetings with Psychiatrists.


   In homeopathy remedies are given which mimic body defences and a normal balance is obtained in the vital force.

    It is a mild treatment and help patient to recover completely without taking hard drugs although counselling is important even with homeopathy treatment.


     Change of Lifestyle and interest of hobbies is very important in each treatment.                                                                                        

     Finally, positive thinking helps patient to become normal and lead a happy life. The patient needs to compare his economic and social status with other people   who are in the same position as himself but are leading a happy life. There is no end to anxiety some people achieve their goal although become anxious for

   more and better things in life. We must learn to share assets in our close circle and in the wider world. Health is the biggest asset we can own. There is no happiness or joy    without good health.

 To achieve and maintain good health we need to apply the principle of good lifestyle.  Once on the right track the health will restore to normal and wealth will start coming –in.

  There is always an alternative for every issue and problem. One has to employ courage and self -perseverance. If you are a teenager, go to your parents or a sympathetic relative.

  He/she will guide you. You need to follow his/her advice. You need to get into routine, start with light exercise/Yoga in the fresh air followed with a shower with suitable water temperature. Have a good nourishing breakfast. Take your prescribed remedy as advised by your doctor and engage in the work activity which you are capable to do. Participate  in a hobby as this is very important to keep your mind engaged. Enjoy your friends and relatives company. Evenings bring sadness and fear to some patients although one must keep  the courage high. Do brief prayer. You should watch Comedian programme on TV. Read a book before retiring and sleep will come to you naturally. If you cannot sleep do not  worry, it will come if you focus your mind on prayer OR imagine that you were visiting a park you love where you did  see lot of lovely flowers during your last visit.  Once you maintain the above life- style the balance of the vital force becomes right and you will start enjoying your life again.  Determination and hope brings sure success.                                                                                                                         



     Our star remedy is Kali phosphoricum in different potencies depending upon the severity  of illness. Aurum Metallicum is an excellent remedy for people with suicidal thoughts.The other remedies include Arsenicum Album, Ignatia, Natrum Muriaticum, Sepia and  Baryata Carb.


For insomnia valerian tea, passion flower, brahmi, camomile at night time would help a lot.


 Ring Mr Thandi for further discussion.


    Warning: No medication should be used without seeing the prescriber.



Disclaimer:  The above statement does not form part of any treatment. Its aim is to improve the education and knowledge of the public in general terms.


                      We advise you to see your GP at first sign of your illness.  








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