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Digestion:Bad digestion is the mother of most ailments. Whatever disease the patient is suffering from we must pay attention to his symptoms related to his stomach such as level of hunger, bowl irregularities, pain or gas in the stomach, his likes and dislikes.

There is unanimous agreement among different medical sciences and among all medical professionals that the following factors can cause digestive problems.

Eatingrich spicy foods, overeating ,hurried eating, eating with open mouth, eating untimely meals, drinking too much liquid straight after meals, drinking alcohol regularly, smoking, eating proteins and fruits together, eating grains with meat and above all chronic anxiety. It is advised therefore to pay attention to these factors before starting suitable treatment.

Treatment: In a chronic case I would advise to have stools tested for any wormís infestation

There are certain symptoms in patients which can indicate worms in the stomach especially among under developed countries where water and sanitary standard is poor. The patient can have raving hunger and itching on abdomen after eating sweets or sugar. He/she can discharge lot of fluid from the mouth during sleep. Children may grind their teeth and may scratch their bottoms. The patient may look anaemic. There are some traditional home remedies which can be used by those who cannot afford modern treatment.

Make Ajwain tea by adding one teaspoon in two cups of water. Let it simmer until it reduces to one cup. Eat lump of jaggery or sugar candy. The worms will stick to it. Drink Luke warm Ajwain tea without milk first thing in the morning Repeat for 3 days.

Eat Papaya fruit regularly first thing in the morning, it will kill bad bacteria in the intestines and will improve stomach and liver function.

Take five grams Kamila powder in the evening. Take 2 tablespoons of castor oil in a warm cup of milk at retiring. This will clear all the dead worms following morning. Repeat after 2 days if necessary to complete the treatment.

There is very useful herb called wormwood available in capsules or tablets. One may buy this from health stores or on internet. It comes with instructions for usage.

In developed countries there is treatment available over the pharmacist counter or through your family Doctor.

††††††††††† Children and grown up should improve their digestion following the above treatment provided they take regular exercise and mixed food of wholegrain, dairy, fruit and vegetables. Probiotic foods like fresh yogurt, Kafir should be consumed regularly to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut. In case of elderly people further tests may require to check the level of digestive acids and enzymes because the body in their case does not produce sufficient enzymes and may need supplements. The use of Triphla powder is beneficial for digestive health.

Cohenís disease: Many people suffer from this horrible disease in their adulthood. The problem builds up over the years with bad life style and anxiety. Patients get a lot of gas in stomach and suffer from constipation and colic pain. lining of the small intestines gets damaged with sharp irritable food such as hot spices, pickles, soft drinks,alcohol and smoking therefore stop these foods permanently. Eat foods to balance the alkaline/acid levels. Drink more water. As the digestion gets upset it leads to other symptoms like skin rash, rheumatism and depression. There are several good homeopathic remedies which can be prescribed after matching with individual symptoms. Remedies like Nuxvomica, Lycopodium, Bryonia, and Nux muchetta are very helpful if taken in addition to change of life style.



Disclaimer: The above statement forms part of general health advice and is not part of any treatment. One should always check health issues with oneís family Doctor.†††††††††††