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Herbs for Health

Herbal/homeopathy Diploma with distinction


Lady tone: An excellent tonic to treat all problems related to periods, leucorrhoea, Infertility hormone imbalance and uterine cysts. Liquid 200ml


Enargil: A tried and reviewed tonic for men to treat erection, libido, premature ejaculation processed with pure gold and herbs with 30 days course. 30 capsules.


Livsam: A proven mixture of traditional herbs to improve liver and Gallbladder function, anaemia, Jaundice. Produces new cells damaged by alcohol. Liquid 200ml


Namocough: Quick relief from dry and wet cough, beneficial for elderly and children. Helps relieve Bronchitis. Mixture 100ml



Rehumanum: A mixture of traditional herbs to treat joint pains, back pains and muscular pain. 30 capsules

Platonam : Improves platelet, reduces risk of heart attack and stroke prepared from pure Ayurveda herbs. 200ml

Deep rest: Induces sound sleep without any side effects with combination of herbs and true natural calcium. 30 capsules

Diaprotect: Balances blood sugar and keeps it under control with change of life style. 30 capsules











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Useful in shock Head injury Tommy upset All remedies Tonic

Aconitum Arnica album 30 CH Nuxvomica 30 CH All potencies General


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