Herbs for Health

Herbal/homeopathy Diploma with distinction

Fully insured with BGi, UK

Pure Ayurvedic products prepared under

strict supervision

Enargil  :   Guarantees to cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

with 30 days course.   30 Capsules               £15.50

RhemaNam :  Treats joint pains without any side effects

30 Capsules………………         £7.95

Ladytone    lady’s health problems related to periods including irregular periods,

Heavy bleeding, period pains, leukorrhea, boosts hormone        levels to enhance fertility         200 ml                     £7.50

Namocugh :  provides relief for dry and wet cough within 2days. Recommended for children & elderly                                              100ml syrup     £5.95

Deep sleep: Induces sleep, reduces stress and calm down nerves .                                            30    capsules       £7.95


Free consultation over phone for distant patients.

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